Stay Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, here are some things to think about to avoid becoming a victim of crime:

  1. Pick up mail regularly.  If you ordered a package, track it online or have it sent to a secure location like a lock box for Amazon or a P.O. Box.  Be proactive about when and where your packages and mail are delivered.
  2. Don’t leave packages, bags, or valuables in your car.  If you have presents or valuable items in your car, remove them and put them inside your house.  Take the temptation away to break into your car!
  3. Lock your car doors.  Suspects will walk down the street lifting car door handles.  Don’t be an easy target.
  4. If you’re walking or exercising in the neighborhood, have situational awareness.  Look around and keep your head on a swivel to avoid becoming a target of opportunity.

Lastly, if you see something suspicious in the neighborhood report it immediately!  Call the police, make a report, and put the information on social media so your neighbors are aware.  We live here, so it’s our responsibility to care for our own homes as well as for each other!

Happy holidays and be safe!

Public Safety Committee
Palms Neighborhood Council