Want to Host a Block Party in Palms?

The Palms NC approved a policy to help sponsor your public block party with up to $250 and help getting city permits to shut your block for the event! The Palms Neighborhood Council Block Party Funding Program is intended to help foster community interaction, increase resident participation in the Palms area, and engage neighbors in getting to know the people on their block.

Why You Should Throw a Block Party: Throwing a block party is a great way to get to know your neighbors and help make Palms a more tight-knit community! Plus throwing a block party is relatively easy. Get some friends, buy some food, fire up the BBQ, close your street down, and invite your neighbors and have fun!


Block parties funded by the PNC must:

  • Be open to the public and advertised to the local block (at minimum, including flyers posted in the area AND either notifying each neighbor on the block with a flyer OR posting to NextDoor in that local neighborhood) //
  • Allow the PNC to set up a tent at the event and notify the PNC of the exact date, time, and location at least two weeks prior to allow the PNC time to advertise it
  • Be a no-profit event.


E-mail with the following information: Your name, phone number, e-mail address, proposed block party location, outreach/marketing plan for the block party, streets or blocks to be included in the block party, funding amount request, and description of what the block party entail.


Funding: When applying for funding, you may request between $100-$250 of funding from the Palms NC. This should be relatively proportional to the size of your block party. Please not what the funding specifically will go towards (i.e. food or renting a tent). [Funding cannot be put towards alcohol]

Logistics: The Palms can assist you with certain logistics. This includes the ability to use our portable tables and tent. Additionally, we will connect you to our City Council Office which can help with additional funding, providing free tables and chairs, and assistance with street closure permits.