Palms NC and Westside Friends Neighbor To Neighbor COVID-19 Support

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Kindness is not cancelled! In times like these we need each other, and you may be able to help a neighbor!

The Palms NC has partnered with Westside Friends in order to provide support for neighbors impacted by COVID-19. Neighbors can request help with groceries, pharmacy runs, urgent supplies, and other tangible actions.

Visit to request help or to volunteer today!

Additionally, you can share with your neighbors your ability to help by printing ,posting, or sharing the card below.

A Palms neighbor shared the following BBC story which served as inspiration for our campaign.

Whether you sign up with Westside Friends, print the Palms card, scribble a handwritten note, send a text, or shout from a balcony–make sure your neighbor is ok!

We are in this together! 

Download the Neighbor to Neighbor Card PDF

Click here to visit a folder with editable and shareable versions including versions without the Palms NC logo. Please feel free to share.