Local Eviction Moratorium Information

With all the various local ordinances concerning eviction moratoriums, understanding the mechanics of each one can be confusing. We worked to put together a chart to help folks understand the provisions that have been enacted in L.A. and Westside cities. Thank you to Alison Regan, former Palms NC President for researching and organizing this information!

We will update this information as regularly as possible as cities have been regularly updating provisions and measures. You can view or download a PDF of the chart which contains hyperlinks to the ordinance for each city by clicking here.

Palms residents should contact the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department (HCIDLA) if you have questions or need support. HCIDLA is now offering weekend support hours in addition to their service hours during the week.

Is there a specific provision, action, or measure that would help you as renter or homeowner in Palms? It is important to make your voice heard with the Los Angeles City Council. The L.A. City Council has begun to meet virtually and you are still invited to make public comment on any agenda item. On the L.A. City Council website you can find meeting dates, agendas, participation information, and contact information for Councilmembers.

Palms is in Council District 5 represented by Councilman Paul Koretz, he can be contacted at