Urgent Needs

Looking for information that is not an emergency, but is urgent? See the list below:

Angeleno Card

On April 14, the Mayor announced The Angeleno Card, a program to help those who already were below the federal poverty line, but have fallen into deeper hardship due to the COVID-19 emergency. Go to the web site for details on how to qualify and obtain additional financial assistance.

Critical Delivery Service

The County of Los Angeles has instituted a program to help those who are elderly, injured or are adult dependents; people who cannot or should not venture out in the midst of this pandemic; so that they can receive critical supplies like food, medications, etc. Click through to get details on who is eligible and how to take advantage of this important program.

Food Access

If you are experience food scarcity or other nutritional issues as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, visit this link to find a map of food assistance programs throughout the City of Los Angeles. Also visit the Schooling section for links to LAUSD food programs.

Federal Economic Impact Payments

If you are eligible for the $1200 payments (check with your CPA or accountant if you have one) from the IRS, you can receive your payments by direct deposit or by mail. Direct deposit is faster, and if you haven’t provided direct deposit information in the past, or have other questions about how to receive this payment, go to the IRS web site page.

Shelter List

Click through for a list of shelters and links to additional information.

Hygiene Assistance

If you are in need of shower facilities, the following resources are available:
Shower of Hope

Suicide Prevention

The stress of a pandemic is real. Don’t suffer alone. Los Angeles County has resources to assist. Or you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Line.

Delivery Restaurants

While it doesn’t always sound urgent, if you are unable to go out to get food, these local restaurants are still available for delivery.

Use L.A. County 211

If you have other needs and cannot find the resources here or elsewhere online, or are confused by the information you find, you can try calling 211 on your phone to reach L.A. County’s assistance line. This line is designed for emergency information (non-911 level issues), food bank, shelter, mental health, and other urgent issues. Please use as a last resort only if you can’t obtain information elsewhere, or if you are in imminent danger of living on the street or not having the resources necessary to survive during this crisis.