Palms Included in Culver City Bike Share Feasibility Study

Dear members of the Palms community,

Tonight the Culver City Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee included Palms on its draft service area of the Culver City Bike Share feasibility study!

This is huge for the 44,000 residents of Palms – as we live in the most affordable, diverse, and dense community in the west side of the City of Los Angeles, and share strong economic and social ties with Culver City. To recognize this is so important, in addition to what this means for our communities in terms of active transportation and health.

Kudos to Culver City for developing, and its Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee for endorsing, a bike share plan grounded in equity and an understanding that the health and success of our communities are intertwined.

The Palms Neighborhood Council Transportation & Infrastructure Committee looks forward to continuing to be part of the conversation and helping our communities work together.


Andres Cuervo
Vice President
Chair, Transportation& Infrastructure
Palms Neighborhood Council