PLU Committee Update on Construction at 10625 Tabor (at Overland) and 3550 Overland Ave.

Some residents have expressed concerns about the number of construction projects on Overland and their impact on the neighborhood during construction.  I was able to speak to the owner of two of these projects and connect with the contractor to get the following information:
Project duration (estimated)
  • 10625 Tabor – 6 months
  • 3550 Overland – 1 year
  • Encroachment permits for exclusive parking for the project are in place for the north side of Tabor from the project driveway to Overland and on Overland from Tabor to the project site at 3550 Overland.  These will be in place for the duration of the projects.
  • Worker parking is underground at the Tabor site, not on the surrounding residential streets.
Construction mitigation
  • After-hours construction – even though the city of LA allows construction from 8 to 9pm M-F, we have asked the owner to avoid work after 6 and they have agreed.  The contractor said that very little work, if any, will be done after 6 p.m. and no heavy construction will take place after that time.
  • The contractor also assured us that they will try to keep the noise down, especially on Saturdays, given the proximity to residences.
Lane Closures on Overland
  • they will do their best to wait until after 9 a.m. to close the lane to avoid rush-hour
  • most of the work that required lane closures has been completed; there will be a “concrete pour” in the next 4 months which may require lane closures over 3 or 4 days
  • if we get advance notice of any lane closures, we will pass that info along to the community
We will keep you posted on the status of the projects as the work progresses.  Thank you for bringing these questions to us.  Please let us know if any questions or concerns come up in the future.