Local photographers & the Palms NC are taking family portraits of our Palms Neighbors! (includes family/partner/dog/roommates)

Sign up here via this link for a time slot for the photographer to come by! (

In exchange for a photograph, we ask that you consider making a donation for Covid 19 relief (donation suggested, not mandatory):
sign up on this Feed First Responders calendar, created by 2 of our local Girl Scouts for a date to feed first responders (
OR consider donating to an organization such as  Safe Place for Youth (S.P.Y) (…)
(donation is a suggestion, not mandatory)

The idea is that taking these photos from a distance will memorialize this time in history and showcase the beautiful diversity of our neighbors for all of us to see each others smiles in a time we otherwise are hidden by masks, or confined to our own homes. And you get a new family portrait while supporting a great cause!