COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Palms NC’s effort to provide information to keep stakeholder safe during this emergency

The following resources have been made available by your Neighborhood Council to assist you in taking the best steps possible to protect yourselves and your loved ones. We have done our best to vet this information; most comes from government agencies. The remainder are based on information we have gathered that we believe is correct. However, when making any medical, business, or social decisions, be sure to review the most up to date information. Where applicable, we’ve listed the date information was provided, and are trying to make sure our information is either up to date, or have linked to the source of that information so that you can view their most recent recommendations or requirements.

Information Categories

We have created the following categories that you can go to directly from the Resources menu:


Several options for getting vaccinated are now available. In most cases, vaccinations are free. Get links to government sites with up-to-the-minute information about who is eligible, and what vaccines are available.

Urgent Needs

There are some needs that aren’t emergencies, but can’t wait. This section has applicable information that doesn’t fit in the sections below. Includes information on how to have critical supplies delivered.


This section has information about how to request or volunteer for personal assistance for those who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19; or to volunteer to assist directly in weathering this storm.


In this section, find access to resources like COVID-19 testing, advice on how to avoid catching or transmitting the virus, and resources for obtaining health care during this emergency, including applying for health insurance via Covered California.

Slow Streets

The City of Los Angeles, in order to provide safe areas for people to exercise while socially distance, created the Slow Streets program, modeled after similar programs in other cities. Click through for links to current information on this program.


Use this section to find information important to renters and homeowners, regarding things like evictions, rental payments, mortgages, etc.


In addition to information about school closures and online learning, this section contains links for school based assistance programs like meals, etc.

Business Assistance

Businesses are being highly impacted by COVID-19, and in this section we provide resources for loans, grants, employee benefits, eviction rules, and more.


This section is dedicated to links that do not fit in the other sections.

Food Service Map

Information regarding open food service locations within the Palms borders and how to submit your business.

Stay informed

Stick with official sources for accurate and up-to-date information, including and You can sign up for our City’s Mass notification system at