Business & Beautification

Business Relations and Public Beautification Committee

The Business Relations and Public Beautification Committee serves to advise the Palms Neighborhood Council on matters pertaining to attracting and activating a thriving business community in Palms, promoting a strong and coherent neighborhood identity and quality of life.

Additionally, this committee advises the General Assembly on opportunities for public beautification, including projects like the Utility Box Decoration Program, and the Palms Gateway Lighting Project.

Committee appointment is open to Palms stakeholders. Meetings are open to the public. The committee chair can be contacted at

To view Business & Beautification Committee agendas and documents, please click here.

Stakeholders can also email the committee to or to ask questions or make suggestions on those topics.

Artists: Apply to paint a utility box in Palms!

Since 2012, the Palms NC has been sponsoring artists to improve and beautify our neighborhood by painting utility boxes! The process:

  • Palms NC announces available utility boxes
  • Call for submissions is made via social media and emails to interested artists
  • Artists fill out the submission form (including art proposal) and return to the Palms NC
  • Submissions are reviewed by the Palms NC, and final selections are voted on during a General Assembly meeting
  • The City of L.A. and LADOT approve the art
  • Approved art is executed by the artist(s), including anti-graffiti coating
  • Artist submits an invoice to the Palms NC
  • $250 grant is paid to the artist

Artists are also allowed to repair their art if it’s been affected by graffiti or damage, and are asked to monitor their art 6-12 times/year to be proactive in doing repairs.

Would you like to be considered for art in the Palms NC Utility Box Art Program? Email us at

See current art

View the Palms Utility Box Art program art and other Palms sponsored art. Included are other LADOT utility box murals in the Palms neighborhood.

Want to see all previously approved LADOT boxes around the city (without art)? Check out the LADOT Utility Box Map!
Includes date of approval, so you can see if art placed was approved.

In 2012, the Palms Neighborhood Council, spearheaded by former Palms NC President Eli Lipman, was one of the first community groups to get an official MOU with LADOT for utility box art. Prior to those efforts, it was illegal for anyone to decorate LADOT utility boxes! Read more about it!

Committee Meetings

The committee meets at 7 p.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Fire Station 43, 3690 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034 (Note that during the COVID crisis, all meetings are via Zoom).

Committee members:

  • Joshua Nadel, Chair
  • Natasía Gascón, Member
  • Nick Smith, Member