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The following are documents that may answer additional questions you may have. Note the dates of each document, and be sure to reference newer documents if there is conflicting information.

State of California

Collected COVID resources and information

County of Los Angeles

L.A. County Emergency Operations Center Updates:
March 23, 2020

Other L.A. County up to date information
County of Los Angeles COVID information

COVID-19 Testing
March 24, 2020
More County COVID Testing info

Department of Health information

Collected information

City of Los Angeles

List of COVID-19 Orders

Parks and Recreation availability status

Multi-lingual Safer at Home messaging signs and documents

Connecting with people

If you are home alone with no good excuse to leave the house or find people to talk with even online, you can connect with folks at This is free for users, and while we don’t normally promote businesses, it acts as a hub for many activities. Most of these groups are now arranging events that you can join online! Play games, discuss different topics (related and NOT related to COVID-19), take your mind off of the current situation with other people in real time. Go to the site and have a look at topics you might be interested in.